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Once upon a time a young boy discovered a magic glen deep in California’s wine country. A burbling stream ran the length of the glen where fish swam lazily within the cool, crisp water. Birds sang with joy amongst the gnarled branches of old oak trees and the croaking of frogs signaled the onset of a new evening.

Nearby marched rows of grapevines; to the boy they seemed to go on forever and ever. Down one of the rows the boy would often see his father and grandfather tending to the soil and vines. “Are they ready?” the boy would call out to them. “Not yet” they would call back. Each day the boy would ask this question. The answer went from “not yet” to “almost” and then to “any day now”.

Eventually, after what seemed a very long time to the boy, the answer became yes and his father and grandfather smiled and beckoned him over to help. The grapes were harvested and taken away to a big building filled with barrels and each day his father and grandfather went into that building.

One day, after many months had passed they came out of the building with a bottle. The whole family gathered for a picnic in the glen and from the bottle his grandfather poured a beautiful deep red liquid into glasses for the adults. The boy’s father let him smell the liquid and told him that this came from the grapes he helped harvest. “How did you do that papa?” the boy asked. “It is a special magic I learned from your grandfather” the father replied. The boy decided that one day when he grew up he too would learn this magic from his grandfather.

Silverado Vineyards

This is a great wine growing property. Each one of the vineyards has its own distinctive flavors and character. Silverado work to make better use of the land, to farm it better, to help each block express exactly what and where it is. I believe that’s how to make wine.

Opus One

Winemaking at Opus One resolves to a single goal: to produce an extraordinary wine. No compromises are made. Guided by the vision of our founders, our winemaker Michael Silacci combines intuition and technical acumen with the dual perspective of viticulturist and winemaker.

Every cluster of Opus One grapes is hand-harvested, and just as much care is taken when transporting them from the vineyard to the winery. The integrity of the grapes is assured by placing the clusters in small picking boxes that hold no more than thirty-five pounds (sixteen kilograms).

The grapes are hand-sorted: any leaves or imperfect grapes are discarded. Only gravity is used to move the berries from the destemmer into the stainless steel fermenting tanks below. Stainless steel is the perfect material – it provides a cool and gentle beginning to the fermentation process.

Heitz Cellar

Heitz Wine Cellars inhabits a pristine valley in the eastern hills of St. Helena known to the locals as Spring Valley. In 1964, Joe and Alice Heitz acquired this 160-acre ranch and winery to accommodate their burgeoning family business.

The gray stone cellar, constructed of hand-chiseled perlite in 1898, safeguards Heitz' collection of French oak barrels which are filled with aging wine. The rich patina of its weathered walls is in perfect harmony with the high-tech equipment dotting the landscape of the winery's grounds in the 21st century.

Heitz' remarkable Martha's Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon has been a collector's favorite for over 50 years. Wine Spectator underscored this wine's legendary status by selecting Martha's Vineyard Cabernet as one of the Top 12 wines of the 20th Century.

Heitz Wine Cellars' Chardonnay, Grignolino, Zinfandel and Port have also earned their share of ardent fans over the years. To many admirers, the Heitz label is the premiere symbol of fine wine and graceful hospitality.

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