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White Wine


At Yalumba, we pour our heart and soul into wine. Every drop we make encapsulates the passion and craftsmanship that has been our family trademark for more than 167 years. When you open a bottle of Yalumba, you share in our story, its colourful characters and rich history. Best of all, you experience a wine that is the product of our uncompromising pursuit of perfection and the reason why we remain Australia’s oldest family-owned winery.

Tyrrell's Wine

Established in 1858 by English immigrant Edward Tyrrell, Tyrrell’s Wines is one of Australia’s pre-eminent family owned wine companies with vineyards extending from their historic home in the Hunter Valley NSW to their Heathcote vineyards in Victoria. 

Tyrrell’s has been awarded over 5,000 trophies and medals and in 2010 was named “Winery of the Year” in James Halliday’s Australian Wine Companion.

Tyrrell’s will continue to remain family owned with the simple philosophy of producing high quality wine that people love to drink.


“Prue and I are the current ‘keepers of the flame’. Just as earlier generations have done, we want to manage the vineyards and winery so they can be passed on to the next generation in better condition than we inherited them. The last 50 years have been an incredible journey for the Australian wine industry. Hill of Grace and Mount Edelstone are arguably the two oldest single vineyard wines produced in this country that tell the wine story of Australia. Our vision would not be complete without the expectation that future generations will uphold and perpetuate our belief that such ancient and unique single-vineyard sites can produce exceptional wines that are prized for their beauty and rarity.”– Stephen Henschke

Oxford Landing

Set on the banks of South Australia’s majestic Murray River, the Oxford Landing vineyard is named after a nearby site where drovers once grazed and watered sheep. Today it’s home to a loyal flock of down-to-earth folk who take great pride in making quality wines, enjoyed the world over.

Leeuwin Estate

Leeuwin Estate releases wines under the Art Series, Prelude Vineyards and Siblings labels. The "Art Series" represents Leeuwin's most opulent and age-worthy wines and are identified with paintings commissioned from leading contemporary Australian Artists. Prelude Vineyards wines are made from fruit producing the most readily expressive wines, with the objective that they will drink well soon after release, whilst the Siblings label celebrates family lineage and the three generations now leaving their footprints on Leeuwin Estate. They all share a place amongst the great wines of Australia, receiving much international acclaim and attention. Leeuwin's Art Series Chardonnay and Art Series Cabernet Sauvignon are included in wine auction house, Langton's, prestigious classification. With point scores as high as 98/100, US Wine Spectator has included Leeuwin Art Series Chardonnays in the editor's annual top 100 list on numerous occasions with the 2011 vintage ranked wine #5 in 2014. The Art Series Cabernet Sauvignon has been included in UK Decanter Magazine's Top 50 wines of the year and as a US WINE & SPIRITS Top 100 wine. Leeuwin wines are available in 30 markets.

Long Flat

Established in 1966 long flat is one of australia’s most well known and well loved wines.

the combination of our iconic brand along with consistently excellent wines continues to delight and reward discerning drinkers more than 40 years later.

2013 marks a significant year of re-invention and re-invigoration for long flat.

With an exciting and comprehensive overhaul of the brand positioning, we have totally refreshed the entire brand identity & brand livery and created a new, more contemporary, stand-out ‘icon’ that will provide our much loved wine with a re-vitalized identity for the future.


The striking Nautilus shell - its shape expressing natural beauty and mathematical perfection - is our inspiration to create a collection of expressive, textural, precisely crafted wines.Nautilus's energetic and innovative viticultural and winemaking team takes the approach of blending several different fruit parcels to achieve layers of complexity in the wines, focusing on their texture and mouth-feel. Nautilus's state-of-the-art but small-scale winemaking facilities give them the tools to achieve this.Whilst Nautilus wines can easily be enjoyed on their own, we believe they are even better when paired with delicious food and the philosophy of creating food-friendly wines.

Santa Ana

The story of Santa Ana is one of constant evolution and development, from the winery’s foundation by Italian émigré and winemaking pioneer Luis Tirasso in 1891, to the company’s leadership in the Argentinian market in the late 1970s and its exploration of overseas destinations.

Bodegas Santa Ana was awarded with 4 GOLD MEDALS:
Unánime 2007
La Mascota Malbec 2010
La Mascota Cabernet Sauvignon 2010
La Mascota Shiraz 2010


What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...Antares is the brightest star in the southern sky of Chile, a symbol for explorers, the starlight for adventurous people. Fresh and easy to drink wines, appealing to travellers and explorers of the world, adventurous people who like to discover unknown corners of the planet. Vibrant wines originated close to the Patagonia, in the South hemisphere, among volcanic valleys with maritime influence and seducing breezes. Antares is an invitation to discover Chile and to understand the world you live in.

Santa Carolina

Santa Carolina is part of Carolina Wine Brands, one of Chile’s main winemaking groups. It is currently owned by the agro-industrial group Watt’s S.A., property of the Larraín family. With over 140 years of history, it is one of Chile’s oldest vineyards.

Viña Santa Carolina is Carolina Wine Brands’ emblematic brand, with strong presence worldwide. Its main markets are: Canada, Brazil, Japan, Chile, Mexico, China and USA. During the last 3 years the vineyard have been able to grow and develop, reaching sales of 25 million bottles of fine premium wines.

Santa Carolina has a diverse portfolio, offering its consumers excellent quality wines in all price ranges.


Robertson is nestled in a valley of abundance, from the sun-drenched mountain vineyards growing select varietals to plentiful river valley vineyards heavy with fruit. But more than the land and the climate, it’s the people who’ve always been generous. In fact, many of the farms and farmers have been supplying us for decades. And because the rhythms of the seasons inform everything that we do, the best grapes are picked at the right time, pressed, fermented and blended by our winemakers, the result is award-winning wines you can’t help but want to share.


Once upon a time a young boy discovered a magic glen deep in California’s wine country. A burbling stream ran the length of the glen where fish swam lazily within the cool, crisp water. Birds sang with joy amongst the gnarled branches of old oak trees and the croaking of frogs signaled the onset of a new evening.

Nearby marched rows of grapevines; to the boy they seemed to go on forever and ever. Down one of the rows the boy would often see his father and grandfather tending to the soil and vines. “Are they ready?” the boy would call out to them. “Not yet” they would call back. Each day the boy would ask this question. The answer went from “not yet” to “almost” and then to “any day now”.

Eventually, after what seemed a very long time to the boy, the answer became yes and his father and grandfather smiled and beckoned him over to help. The grapes were harvested and taken away to a big building filled with barrels and each day his father and grandfather went into that building.

One day, after many months had passed they came out of the building with a bottle. The whole family gathered for a picnic in the glen and from the bottle his grandfather poured a beautiful deep red liquid into glasses for the adults. The boy’s father let him smell the liquid and told him that this came from the grapes he helped harvest. “How did you do that papa?” the boy asked. “It is a special magic I learned from your grandfather” the father replied. The boy decided that one day when he grew up he too would learn this magic from his grandfather.

Jim Barry

Certain names resonate strongly within the halls of Australian wine history. Jim Barry Wines is one of those names. It was Jim Barry’s drive and community spirit that helped shape South Australia’s Clare Valley as a benchmark in the world of Riesling and cemented its place as one of Australia’s premier wine regions.


The King Valley collection advocates for premium, cool climate, European white varietals from vineyards in the high altitudes of King Valley that reflect true regional character. Blessed with such high quality fruit, our winemakers are able to produce wines with crisp acidity, structure, elegance and purity of fruit flavour with great palate length.

The Long Paddock collection is a range of generously flavoured, food friendly and affordable wines which are sourced from premium wine regions, including the King and Alpine Valleys. The wines of the Long Paddock are generous and made to share with good friends. Each wine has a story to tell.

Silverado Vineyards

This is a great wine growing property. Each one of the vineyards has its own distinctive flavors and character. Silverado work to make better use of the land, to farm it better, to help each block express exactly what and where it is. I believe that’s how to make wine.

Heitz Cellar

Heitz Wine Cellars inhabits a pristine valley in the eastern hills of St. Helena known to the locals as Spring Valley. In 1964, Joe and Alice Heitz acquired this 160-acre ranch and winery to accommodate their burgeoning family business.

The gray stone cellar, constructed of hand-chiseled perlite in 1898, safeguards Heitz' collection of French oak barrels which are filled with aging wine. The rich patina of its weathered walls is in perfect harmony with the high-tech equipment dotting the landscape of the winery's grounds in the 21st century.

Heitz' remarkable Martha's Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon has been a collector's favorite for over 50 years. Wine Spectator underscored this wine's legendary status by selecting Martha's Vineyard Cabernet as one of the Top 12 wines of the 20th Century.

Heitz Wine Cellars' Chardonnay, Grignolino, Zinfandel and Port have also earned their share of ardent fans over the years. To many admirers, the Heitz label is the premiere symbol of fine wine and graceful hospitality.

Dr. Burklin wolf

The philosophy of producing top quality produced in harmony between man and nature. The German wine law of 1971, which is currently in effect, creates the impression that every vineyard site is capable of producing any quality, provided the must weight is high enough. We have been convinced for a long time that a specific vineyard site is capable of producing a defined maximum quality. This is determined by many factors such as the soil and microclimate as well as the grape variety grown on that site. 

Blue nun

Many stages are involved before a finished bottle of Blue Nun wine is ready to be consumed.

Throughout the year a wine-grower has various tasks to tend to in order to ensure the right flavour, aroma and quality is achieved. Here´s a quick run through some of the most important elements.

In January or February, the old wood is pruned away, a procedure that influences the potential yield and ultimately, the quality of the wine. This is a crucial part of the Sichel Superior Vinification philosophy.

Bodegas Faustino

Wines produced at Bodegas Faustino vineyards are all called Faustino and are always followed by a Roman numeral: The top level of wines have the Roman numeral I. The middle range Faustino's have the Roman numeral V and the entry level Faustino's have the Roman numerals VII. Then lastly there is the crianza, reserva, or gran reserva. Cava is also produced, however this is usually associated with the wine growing region of Catalonia, although has been known to be produced in other wine regions such as Rioja. Such wines includes Cava Brut Reserva, Cava Extra Seco, Cava Semi Seco, and Cava Rosado (rose).


With over 125 years of winemaking tradition and heritage, Bolla has built its reputation and trust in its family of great Italian wines.

Bolla offers a variety of classic Italian wines from the finest wine-growing regions in Italy. Each type of Bolla wine has its own unique taste and personality that reflects its region of origin.

Bolla's line of affordable wines are sure to meet your everyday lifestyle and provide you with an authentic taste of Italy in every glass.


Ricasoli is the oldest winery in Italy.The second oldest in the world according to the leading.American magazine family business.Today it is the largest winery in the chianti classico area: brolio castle, where baron bettino ricasoli invented the chianti formula in 1872, is surrounded by 1,200 hectares in the communes of gaiole and castelnuovo berardenga. Valleys, hills, woods of oak and chestnut trees, 235 hectares of vineyards and 26 hectares of olive groves, all enjoying the beauty and the wide variety of soils and climate in this central chianti area.


Suffused lighting and a rarefied atmosphere: in Abruzzo’s biggest wine cellar you can experience it all. In this absolute stillness the finest wines refine inside precious barriques or oak barrels, which give them unique flavours and scents. Citra’s cellar is among the biggest ones of central-southern Italy for its extension and for its capacity of wine evolution in wood. The first two rooms were built in 1975 and host oak barrels from Slavonia, whose dimension can vary from 2,500 to 15k litres, and in which wine ages for a period of time between 1 and 3 years. Humidity and temperature are constantly kept under control.

The refinement in wood barrels is a standard process for medium-high quality wines whose texture is important. The refinement period is a fundamental factor for the evolution of the product, according to the characteristics of the wine and its vintage.


More than thirty-five years have passed since the Cellar was founded, and during this time the wine sector has changed dramatically. The economics of wine has become globalised. But Valfieri remains faithful to traditional values, which doesn't mean banal repetition of past methods, but rather a continuous effort to improve production, to make wines whose quality is perceived and not imposed.


Elegant and genuine wines, rich with personality and perfect testimonies of the three territories vocated to the best production: Piedmont, Apulia and Sicily.

These wines are the fruit of the selection of the land, of the screening of the grapes and of the meticulous care of the vine whilst waiting for the best days for their harvest.

The careful and meticulous work of the cellars completes the production of these great wines, unique and exclusive.


Corvo Rosso, a classic Sicilian wine, is produced from Sicilian vines cultivated on warm, sunny hills. Aged in oak barrels it is distinguished by its round, full-bodied and persistent flavour. Together with Corvo Bianco, Corvo Rosso was the first wine to be bottled in Sicily, back in 1824, and is now the best known red wine in Italy thanks to its excellent quality/price ratio and consistent quality.Extremely versatile, it goes well with grilled and roast meats and medium-aged cheeses.Serving temperature 17°-18° C.

Region: Sicily


The celebrated Delas Frères wine company was founded back in 1835. Since 1996, the spirit and soul that contributed to its reputation for high quality wines have been restored.Its highly-motivated team is proud to play its part in the revival of the quality of this venerable Rhône Valley wine company. A specially designed vat-house for the vinification of red wines, as well as a full restructuring of the ageing cellars, are among the new quality measures at Delas, all aimed at perpetuating and enhancing the expression of the Terroir.

Region: Rhone Valley

Joseph Drouhin

The House cherishes an ideal of elegance and perfection.  The "Joseph Drouhin style" marries balance, harmony, finesse and character.  This combination of riches provides infinite pleasure.  

The wines are recognizable for their great purity of taste.  Young, they possess fruity and enticing aromas; with age, wines from great vineyards/appellations acquire a sumptuous complexity.

Some wines are able to age forty years or more.  They then become true masterpieces of harmony and excellence, graced by the most entrancing kaleidoscope of aromas.

Region: Burgandy


The wine is a culture, made from a cultivated “Terroir”. With this term “Haute Culture” (High Culture), the Sauvion Family nominate the best Cuvées, made from the grapes grown on the best “Terroir” and from old vines, the grapes are vinified with passion and great care. It is the very “Essence” of Muscadet.


Haute Culture from Sauvion combines the character, fineness and elegance to reveal a Muscadet of great personality.

Region: Loire Valley

Henri Bourgeois

For 10 generations, our family has devoted its passion and values to Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir to craft wines of unique expression. Each member of our family, Jean-Marie Bourgeois, Arnaud, Lionel & Jean-Christophe, brings its knowledge and expertise to our wine Estate. Rooted to our beloved village of Chavignol, on the greatest terroirs of Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé, we work on a mosaic of many vine plots. Each plot is isolated and worked in respect of its origin to reveal, in the most precise and true way, the expression of its terroir - either Kimmerigdian marls, Flint or Limestone Clay soils. Curious and of a pioneering spirit, our family established in 2000, our organically farmed Clos Henri vineyard, in Marlborough, New Zealand. Here, too, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir blossom on the great terroirs of this region. Our Hotel Restaurant, La Côte des Monts Damnés (translated as "The Damned Hill"), managed by Jean-Marc Bourgeois the elder son of Jean-Marie, welcomes you in the heart of the Sancerre region, only two hours from Paris and invites you discover cooking that reinvents tradional local cuisine. His hotel will allow you a nice and peaceful stay at the edge of the Loire river.

Region: Loire Valley

Leon Beyer

Léon BEYER Alsace wines are typically dry, with great character and elegance, devoid of that sweetness often wrongly appreciated at tastings, a sweetness difficult to match with only rare gastronomic partnerships. However, Vendanges Tardives, or Selections de Grains Nobles wines boast a sweetness and fullness which make them the exception to the rule.

Region: Alsace

Viña Casablanca

Viña Casablanca is the boutique winery of the Carolina Wine Brands holding, one of Chile’s premier wine producers, which for more than 140 years has been producing and selling high quality wines to consumers all over the world. 
Owned by the Larraín family, CWB is part of the Watt’s S.A. holding.
Viña Casablanca began its operations in 1992 and its area under vine currently consists of 80 hectares distributed mostly in the Nimbus, El Chaparro, and La Vinilla Estates.
In 2011, Viña Casablanca signed a Joint Venture agreement with Laroche Chile –a member of the French holding AdVini.

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