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Rose Wine


What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...Antares is the brightest star in the southern sky of Chile, a symbol for explorers, the starlight for adventurous people. Fresh and easy to drink wines, appealing to travellers and explorers of the world, adventurous people who like to discover unknown corners of the planet. Vibrant wines originated close to the Patagonia, in the South hemisphere, among volcanic valleys with maritime influence and seducing breezes. Antares is an invitation to discover Chile and to understand the world you live in.


With over 125 years of winemaking tradition and heritage, Bolla has built its reputation and trust in its family of great Italian wines.

Bolla offers a variety of classic Italian wines from the finest wine-growing regions in Italy. Each type of Bolla wine has its own unique taste and personality that reflects its region of origin.

Bolla's line of affordable wines are sure to meet your everyday lifestyle and provide you with an authentic taste of Italy in every glass.


Ricasoli is the oldest winery in Italy.The second oldest in the world according to the leading.American magazine family business.Today it is the largest winery in the chianti classico area: brolio castle, where baron bettino ricasoli invented the chianti formula in 1872, is surrounded by 1,200 hectares in the communes of gaiole and castelnuovo berardenga. Valleys, hills, woods of oak and chestnut trees, 235 hectares of vineyards and 26 hectares of olive groves, all enjoying the beauty and the wide variety of soils and climate in this central chianti area.


The celebrated Delas Frères wine company was founded back in 1835. Since 1996, the spirit and soul that contributed to its reputation for high quality wines have been restored.Its highly-motivated team is proud to play its part in the revival of the quality of this venerable Rhône Valley wine company. A specially designed vat-house for the vinification of red wines, as well as a full restructuring of the ageing cellars, are among the new quality measures at Delas, all aimed at perpetuating and enhancing the expression of the Terroir.

Region: Rhone Valley


The wine is a culture, made from a cultivated “Terroir”. With this term “Haute Culture” (High Culture), the Sauvion Family nominate the best Cuvées, made from the grapes grown on the best “Terroir” and from old vines, the grapes are vinified with passion and great care. It is the very “Essence” of Muscadet.


Haute Culture from Sauvion combines the character, fineness and elegance to reveal a Muscadet of great personality.

Region: Loire Valley

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