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Shochu & Sake


Iichiko is the best selling shochu in Japan, regardless of the popularity among international audience of shochu and sake. Shochu has always been more popular and has outsold sake in Japan for the past decade. With the philosophy of putting the quality at the forefront of their shochu. Iichiko’s shochu is a genuine distilled spirits produced from carefully selected barley and water drawn from a pure spring deep beneath the earth. It’s refreshing flavour and crystal clear taster embody the essence of Japanese refinement.

Variety: Shochu


This is the most authentic and abidingly popular variety of Japanese sake, one that complements the flavor of Japanese cuisine and one that you will never tire of drinking.
Kiku-Masamune's dedication to dryness is explained by the fact that dry sake is ideal as an accompaniment for cuisine, whose flavor it enhances. Not only does Japanese sake play a supporting role for Japan's rich culinary culture, but it also is attracting attention worldwide in connection with the booming popularity of Japanese foods such as sushi. Kiku-Masamune will continue to pursue the ideal of authentic dry sake with a refreshing flavor that is free of impurities and a crisp, clean finish that perfectly complements all styles of cuisine.

Variety: Sake

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