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Japnese Wineries

Japanese Wineries: Food

Takachi Wine

The Tokachi wine was founded in a town in Hokkaido called Ikeda cho, where production was poor, and 2 years after the Obsidian Earthquake in 1952, production declined even more. In order to escape from such a bad environment, the mayor of the town, Kaneyasu Marutani, thought of ways to grow grapes and create wine in such a cold environment.

Hakodate Wine

Hakodate Wine make wine at the winery in the nature rich town of Nanae near Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station and the southern Hokkaido tourist hot spot Onuma Quasi-National Park. At the company store (Budoukan) that adjoins to the main factory, You can enjoy free tastings, store-limited products, and a variety of products using our wine.
Also, you mustn't miss the locally popular wine soft-serve ice-cream (red & white wine). The factory tour are run on bookings where staff explain and guide tours.
We are looking forward to your visit at the main store Budoukan where you can truly experience the joy of wine.


Chateau Katsunuma

Chateau Katsunuma, located in the wine-growing region and Torii Hirahara, the representative of Katsunuma, was established as the "Imamura Wine Brewery" in the early Meiji era, the first generation who was cultivating grapes in Katsunuma Town. It is a winery with a history and tradition that has been handed down to the present.

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