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French Wines

French Wineries: Food

Domaine Joseph Drouhin

L'Elegance Naturelle

With close to 90 different appellations, Joseph Drouhin offers a fascinating array of Burgundy terroirs in all their authenticity and subtle variations. Joseph Drouhin has adopted the biological and biodynamic approach. Only natural products are used in the vineyards and all procedures show the utmost respect for the soil, the vine and the environment. The wines of Joseph Drouhin are found on the finest tables. Joseph Drouhin is proud to bring the best of Burgundy to the whole world.

Domaine Delas Freres

Grand Vins de la Vallee du Rhone

The celebrated Delas Frères is one of the top producers of Rhone wine in a myriad of appellations. Delas Freres makes outstanding wine from Cote Rotie and Hermitage in the Northern Rhone. The company also produces one of the top value wines from the region with their Cote du Rhone. Delas Freres has one of the longest histories in the appellation.


Domaine Famille Bourgeois


Henri Bourgeois, one of Sancerre’s pioneering winegrowers, always ahead of his time. He was passionate about keeping separate wines from different soil types which would enhance his terroir driven approach. It is through his hard work and passion, which has been instilled in his family, that the Bourgeois family now own 120 different vineyards on 72 hectares; the largest in the region, to create their Sancerre and Pouilly-Fume wines.

Domaine Leon Beyer

Léon Beyer is one of the oldest Alsatian family owned estates founded in 1580. Owner Marc Beyer, 13th generation, along with his son, Yann Léon and a team of twenty members run the day-to-day. The estate farms 70 hectares 20 of which are estate owned with holdings in two choice grand cru sites; Eichberg and Pfersigberg. The farming is sustainable, and the winemaking is traditional with the use of modern techniques. The range is segmented into five categories; Classics, Réserve, Comtes d'Eguisheim, Vendages Tardives and Sélection de Grain Nobles.



Ancestral Style

Each of our wine styles represents a unique and special aspect of the Alsace region. Our Reserve wines showcase the different grape varieties, our Cuvée Émile Willm expresses the relationship between the terroir and the grapes themselves, and our Grands Crus Kirchberg de Barr and the Clos Gaensbrœnnel wine types are a pure expression of terroir.

Alphonse Mellot

King Of Sancerre

The wines are produced from the upper Sancerre vineyard, the most famous of which is the « DOMAINE LA MOUSSIERE ». Its exceptional quality has led to it being officially classified as a unique category amongst the Sancerre wines.



House of Roses

The Sun shining on Tenuta Luce is much more than a simple logo. It tells the story of a Land. The Land of Montalcino. And of the ambitions of its people. Every day we take care of Tenuta Luce, an authentic and lively environment, so as to create and look after some of the world’s most beloved wines from Tuscany.

Le Grand Noir

Black Sheep

Each of the wines has a complex character all of its own, that combines the flavours of the terroir – the combination of soil, slope and microclimate – where the grapes were grown and the blend of varieties. Before Le Grand Noir almost nobody in the region blended Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon; Grenache, Shiraz and Mourvedre; and Chardonnay and Viognier.

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